What We Do

Teal Energy builds, owns and operates small CHP power stations that produce renewable energy from the advanced gasification of biomass derived from non-recyclable commercial waste: paper, cardboard and waste wood.

Teal Energy is applying established technology, tried and tested over 27 years in the USA, to convert solid biomass into a gas that then fuels a conventional electricity generation plant. The gasification process employed by Teal Energy qualifies as “advanced” under the UK government legislation and ensures complete utilisation of the fuel, resulting in a very clean burn in the electricity generation equipment and very low emissions. Because the fuel is recovered from waste cardboard and wood, the process is carbon neutral*. Its cleanliness is recognised by the UK Government, which has put in place incentives for the introduction of advanced gasification technology to the UK.

Teal Energy establishes its sites close to suitable sources of waste wood and cardboard and works with local specialists to collect these raw materials and turn them into a homogenous fuel.

Teal Energy’s philosophy is simplification, all down the line. Simplification promotes efficiency, reliability and minimal environmental impact. Teal Energy’s philosophy of simplification starts with the collection of the raw materials from commercial businesses in the locality of its plants, reducing ‘energy miles.’ The gasification of the fuel is carried out using simple, proven equipment. The gas then fires a conventional steam boiler, raising steam for a standard electricity turbo-generator and reducing complex processing associated with either using the gas in generators using gas-turbines or in reciprocating engines.

* Or almost carbon neutral – sometimes we can’t get all of the plastic out of the waste cardboard before it is turned into fuel

Our watch-words are: simplicity, reliability and minimal environmental impact.

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