Welcome to the innovation that is Teal Energy Ltd

Teal Energy Ltd. (“Teal Energy”) is a company established to generate renewable energy from biomass in the United Kingdom and to promote better use of scarce energy resources.

Teal Energy builds, owns and operates small CHP (Combined heat and power) plants that produce renewable energy from the gasification of biomass derived from non-recyclable commercial waste: paper, cardboard and waste wood products. The advanced gasification process employed by Teal Energy is very clean and enables green energy resources that would otherwise be headed for landfill, to be captured and used, displacing fossil fuels and reducing the UK’s carbon emissions.

Teal Energy is currently planning to build five 20MW CHP plants, predominantly in the south of England. Each power plant will generate enough green energy for up to 45,000 homes and is expected to provide employment for approximately 30 to 40 people. The excess heat from the generation of electricity may be used for local heating schemes.

Teal Energy has also assembled a highly skilled management team to oversee the construction and management of each site, drawing on deep experience of construction, waste management, power generation and government legislation.

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